Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don Kingfisher Campbell
You make me feel
like a bear
wanting to devour
his favorite salmon
You make me feel
like lightning
striking the surface
of Venus
You make me feel
like a tree
wanting to be felled
by your electric saw
You make me feel
like an alien
You make me wish
I had twelve hands
You make me feel
like an octopus/The Beatles
I wish I had
eight arms to hold you
You make me feel
like a junkie
I need my fix
of hugging you
You make me feel
like a gorilla
I want to ooh ooh
while hugging you
You make wish
you were a tree
I like to squeeze
your apples
You make me wish
I was The Colonel
I like to nibble
on your peach halves
You make me wish
we were walruses
so we could
play finsie
You make me wish
oatmeal smelled
as good as you
then I’d love
to poop you out
You make me wish
I was a needle
to inject you
with my serum
(then again that is
what I do)
You make me wish
I was a poet
in order to
write you poems
(oh yeah, I am)

Thelma T. Reyna
I collect them every chance I get, under shrubs dried
from winds that sap life out of things, or in gurgling
streams. Stone hearts buried beneath others like
them, stones misshapen by elements.
I stoop in creeks like miners seeking gold, eyes
scanning gray, white, brown, beige, black stones
arrayed like faces in a crowd—looking for the
right, rounded head cleft in two, with
opposing point that makes a heart a heart. Smooth
rocks that glint in sand, or craggy stones
lying with clods and scorpions and
dung beetles in thorns.
A heart’s a heart. Doesn’t matter where it
hides or shows itself, how wind and sun and
storms have buffeted or cosseted, how it’s been
tossed or laid in moss. I gather these in
pockets by my breast.

Kathryn Rueby
Caller I.D. was no doubt invented by a woman.
She was barefoot at the time,
Moving quietly through the house at midnight,
Dusting a few things, looking at old photographs,
Getting ready to curl up with a couple of dogs, a book,
And a piano sonata on the stereo when
The phone rang~
She froze in place
Daring it to ring again
While in that moment
She was transformed
Into a towering goddess
Of incredible strength
Beauty purpose meaning
~ With wings ~
And said no fucking way is he coming over here
And calmly turned the page in the book while
The phone rang on
And the phone rang on

Lori Wall-Holloway
Two initials united
by ampersand
carved in cement
on sidewalk
in front of house
spell out the long
lasting love that began
more than fifty years
before when a sixteen
year old girl’s birthday
party was crashed
by a long haired
young man
looking for free food
Commitment through
years of dating
marriage and family
is symbolized
by a red 1932 Ford
Coupe. How many
times the couple
could have given
up the car during
days of struggle.
With their love
they hung on to each
other and to the car
celebrating life
With impossible strength
the pair’s love and longevity
helped them endure a test
in their golden years, only
to have their dreams robbed
by a thief named leukemia.
Having difficulty being
left behind, the different
signs coming from across
galaxies becomes reassurance
of love and the decision
to let the Ford go
is confirmed when
a deer visits her backyard

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jeffry Jensen
Eileen has several brothers who I've never met.
They are supposedly famous for crushing any male
who would dare to take liberties with their baby sister.
Maybe they wouldn't really want to pound me
into the frozen ground, but then again maybe
I should keep a safe distance from such potential brutes?
If it ever comes to be that I’m invited out for drinks
by these brothers or any other close relation, maybe I
should refrain from falling into a drunken stupor of any variety?
There is no telling how much trouble a loose tongue would do me
if I get started babbling on about Eileen’s sweet uncompromising curves.
I could end up a broken man under a Bronx moon.
It is probably a good thing that she finally took up residence
in a Los Angeles suburb where a bright sun must be
worshiped at all hours, and all her scary brothers stayed
where the slush keeps them spinning endlessly and getting nowhere fast.
In the meantime, Eileen and I have been getting somewhere
very fast and very hot for all of our ingenious efforts, for all of our
appropriate distance from anything smacking of brotherly love.

Bryan Story
A little slow on the uptake maybe
under chalkmark stars winking back
from the blackboard sky   tonites class
         summer school on the grass 
She said hold these
the subjects of his awkward inquiries
and so with a little help
         she said let me give
         you a hand with that
he found out
all there was to know about
         her learning curves

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Julie Larson
now: the movie

see through
greta garbo eyelashes

cinema bliss
true and false
flashpoint curl
smoke alarm

always entertainment

fleshpoem talk
black iris fragrant
plum pop desire

celebrity sound bites
fan love
Michelle Angelini
“I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me…”
-- Mick Jones of Foreigner
Such a pretty word
– if it is only…
gentle kisses between two lips,
one hand holding another,
a man and woman who sit on the beach,
to gaze at a full moon hanging in the obsidian sky
and hear lapping waves on the shore,
sparkling looks over a glass of wine,
invisible flames that fly upon meeting,
then many might not know it. Nevertheless,
love is more.
God’s sundown multi-colored sky – fodder for an artisan
to create from his mind to his fingers for the world.
A dog’s liquid gaze at its human after rescue
from an abusive life and near death – superlative trust.
The soft look between newborn and mother
while she breastfeeds – tiny human dependent upon adult.
Flowers populating a field with their bright and beautiful creations
– designs unimagined without nature. 
A cat sitting next to her human, to look up
with intense golden tilted almond eyes, stretching for a tummy pet.
Teddybears offered to children in the ER
– easing apprehension, drying tears – an unknown friend.
Although love is between two humans,
its definition stretches to include everyone.

Charles Harmon
On her finger, a ring of gold
Alloyed with silver and copper for strength,
Yellow gold and white gold combined into one.
Circular,  round signifying never ending,
Never rusting, let the marriage never corrode.
Platinum in the setting of her engagement ring
Cradling the crystalline faceted diamond,
Non-metallic but born of the same fire
As Life itself, the promise of Eternal Life.
Calcium and phosphorus in the bones and teeth
Of our growing children sleeping in their beds,
Sodium and potassium in their muscles and nerves,
Biological batteries generating electricity,
Organic motors, brain computers, nerve telephone wires….
Americium in the smoke detectors,
To waken from slumber in emergency.
Tungsten and mercury vapor in light bulbs
To guide our way out to safety.
Iron in the steel that strengthens the doors,
Silicon and Germanium metalloids in the computer chips
That store our family memories and allow us to
Communicate with the rest of the known universe.
Quicksilver in the thermometer that warns of fever,
Rare earth metals in the televisions, radios, computers,
Alarums, thermostats, and ancillary electronics
That run the house and cars and help to guard their inhabitants.
In the safe, gold and silver coins inherited from Grandfathers,
Retaining their intrinsic value as fiat paper currency
Has plummeted ninety-seven percent in one hundred years.
Tools and weapons of steel, projectiles of copper and lead,
Primers and propellants encased in brass,
Precious metals protecting our other precious metals.
Michael J. Cluff 

To wake with you nearby
become the apple of my eye
never to ask a question why
the snake deigned to tell a lie.

Without that evil touch
love won't count so much
violence and hate would still crush
death an ever eternal hush.

In the end all will see
the way it is to really be
life is not always free
even under Eden's tree.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thom Garzone
One harmless wish leads me to a quiet community college when a teacher offers me a scholarship.  At an appointment I come upon a counselor whose graceful form and thick round glasses drift in a fog, possessing my sense of desire.  A mystique surrounds her like a warm summer wind, or the fleeing of children sustained in the dark below twilight.  During my session it's shown that my prior degree disqualifies me for the scholarship.  This saddens me since now I have no reason to be in the presence of this lovely creature, Lori, CWI Enrollment Specialist.  So I register for an educational technology course to embark on a fresh direction toward passion.  I often watch her through the halls with her long legs and timeless beauty doing a pirouette into my reticent heart as though some diaphanous fleece.  I'd see her brown hair flowing as she passes and wonder where she was from.  I'd fancy if she wasn't seeing anyone, and gaze into her limpid pools morphing into a dream of her figure peering into murky spectacles, frozen amid unnamed seas where we'd both lie on a shore passing time to love.  We run into each other at the Nampa campus while she hangs up fliers for Career Day, when I keep visualizing us interwoven in conjugal animalistic lust.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Toti O'Brien

There are things
we’ll never know.
Perhaps someone
was in love with us.
Unseen someone
sighed felt alone
longed or was
obsessed by an
impossible thought.
Counted hours
between occasions
made vane by our
We remained cold
like frozen
cruel like forces of
We were maybe
scratching our head
or tying our shoe
yawning at the
show or hungry
for dinner while
internally gasped
at our entrance
shivered when
we went to the
convulsed in secret
while we passed by
saw darkness
when we left for
wanted to say
things that they
never said
dare gestures
that were stuck
in their limbs.
If at least
we had known
but we didn’t.
lives run like
parallel lines.
all the time.

Maria Arana
you return poisoned
by the roots of war
honest in your escape
from death
one less arm
to show for courage
yet you can’t grasp reality
so suddenly
without the help
of those who love you
let me be your hand
and guide you
back to Earth
let me be your elbow
and lead you to Resurrection
let me be your shoulder
and together we can
thank God we’re one again