Monday, January 27, 2014

Thom Garzone
One harmless wish leads me to a quiet community college when a teacher offers me a scholarship.  At an appointment I come upon a counselor whose graceful form and thick round glasses drift in a fog, possessing my sense of desire.  A mystique surrounds her like a warm summer wind, or the fleeing of children sustained in the dark below twilight.  During my session it's shown that my prior degree disqualifies me for the scholarship.  This saddens me since now I have no reason to be in the presence of this lovely creature, Lori, CWI Enrollment Specialist.  So I register for an educational technology course to embark on a fresh direction toward passion.  I often watch her through the halls with her long legs and timeless beauty doing a pirouette into my reticent heart as though some diaphanous fleece.  I'd see her brown hair flowing as she passes and wonder where she was from.  I'd fancy if she wasn't seeing anyone, and gaze into her limpid pools morphing into a dream of her figure peering into murky spectacles, frozen amid unnamed seas where we'd both lie on a shore passing time to love.  We run into each other at the Nampa campus while she hangs up fliers for Career Day, when I keep visualizing us interwoven in conjugal animalistic lust.


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