Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jeffry Jensen
Eileen has several brothers who I've never met.
They are supposedly famous for crushing any male
who would dare to take liberties with their baby sister.
Maybe they wouldn't really want to pound me
into the frozen ground, but then again maybe
I should keep a safe distance from such potential brutes?
If it ever comes to be that I’m invited out for drinks
by these brothers or any other close relation, maybe I
should refrain from falling into a drunken stupor of any variety?
There is no telling how much trouble a loose tongue would do me
if I get started babbling on about Eileen’s sweet uncompromising curves.
I could end up a broken man under a Bronx moon.
It is probably a good thing that she finally took up residence
in a Los Angeles suburb where a bright sun must be
worshiped at all hours, and all her scary brothers stayed
where the slush keeps them spinning endlessly and getting nowhere fast.
In the meantime, Eileen and I have been getting somewhere
very fast and very hot for all of our ingenious efforts, for all of our
appropriate distance from anything smacking of brotherly love.

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