Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lori Wall-Holloway
Two initials united
by ampersand
carved in cement
on sidewalk
in front of house
spell out the long
lasting love that began
more than fifty years
before when a sixteen
year old girl’s birthday
party was crashed
by a long haired
young man
looking for free food
Commitment through
years of dating
marriage and family
is symbolized
by a red 1932 Ford
Coupe. How many
times the couple
could have given
up the car during
days of struggle.
With their love
they hung on to each
other and to the car
celebrating life
With impossible strength
the pair’s love and longevity
helped them endure a test
in their golden years, only
to have their dreams robbed
by a thief named leukemia.
Having difficulty being
left behind, the different
signs coming from across
galaxies becomes reassurance
of love and the decision
to let the Ford go
is confirmed when
a deer visits her backyard

1 comment:

  1. Wow. lovely, deep, speaks of enduring love that you don't hear much about today.